Koenig hydraulic winch

Winches could be driven from the front, rear or middle power takeoff PTO points, but the most common were the front-mounted. They could also be driven from the front of the main crankshaft; this is rare, but John Ittel points out it would be useful if there was other equipment on the rear PTO, for example a trencher.

There isn't a huge number of parts in the King winch itself.

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Rafael Teran laid out all the parts of his winch before re-installing it on the front bumper of his CJ-3B in Mexico. You will need to lower the oil level in the transfer case before you remove the back cover. Just be careful and don't drop the Allen-head mounting bolts inside the PTO. They are difficult to get out. Please don't ask how I know. The mid point bearing was simple to mount once I found one to use.

Land Rover PTO Winch Operation

The bearing mounts to the engine side of the bell housing flange. You'll use one of the bell housing bolts and the engine stay cable to mount the bearing mounting plate. I installed a slip u-joint between the bearing and the winch.

This, I hope, will allow a little bit of play for the drive shaft as the chassis and the drive train twist and torque separately of each other. Several of the guys behind the counter and I, had a good discussion about the damages they had encountered with PTO driven units because of drive lines being compressed.

This slip u-joint gives me about an inch of in-and-out drive shaft play.

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The winch was the hardest part to mount due to the weight of the winch and the mounting plate. The used winch I bought still had the mounting plate but it had been carefully cut off of the bumper. I didn't have a usable bumper, and the reproduction bumper I bought was too thin to make me feel comfortable for holding a winch. So I made one out of 4" channel and welded the mounting plate to the bumper.

That looks good to me but if you're thinking about using 4" channel, it won't bolt straight back to the bumper mounts because of the shape of the inside web of the channel. Extending the bumper also allowed the rear plate mounting bolts to clamp on the flat part of the chassis instead of the angle going up.

koenig hydraulic winch

I just felt that would be stronger. I used a piece of 4-inch channel for my new bumper since my old bumper was cut off. I used a piece of the old bumper on the chassis end as a spacer to make the 4-inch channel flush for bolting the extension bars.

I used grade 8 bolts, nuts and washers on all parts on the winch and bumper mounting. As I was installing the winch I kept a check on drive line clearance. Everything worked out well and the drive shaft was centered between the front cross member and the bell crank.

My winch was the solution when Hurricane Matthew's winds caused 3 of my foot Leyland Cypress trees to lean over at about 25 degrees in I was pleased how well the winch pulled the trees upright. I pulled in 1st gear and at idle speed.

I had to chock the wheels to stay in place as I slid along when I tried to use brakes only. Exhaust Routing The drive shaft routing for the winch is as tight as it can possibly be and there are no options.

It has to go where it has to go. The Universal Jeep exhaust K JPEG is tucked up under the driver's side, passes over the transmission crossmember, and continues back with the muffler transverse at the back of the body tub. This puts it right in the space where the drive shafts from the winch to the PTO need to go. Koenig literature said to cut the exhaust head pipe, heat it, bend it down out of the way, and reroute the exhaust under the transmission crossmember by splicing in an extra piece. In their winch kits they even provided a short length of exhaust pipe to weld in the gap caused by this modification.

This did make room for the driveshafts, but it was a lot of work, and it put the exhaust in a position where it hung down so low it was vulnerable to being easily damaged on the trail. It turned out to be the perfect thing to run with the winch. It cleared everything and still tucked up out of the way.In this article, John summarizes the range of Koenig "King" winches designed for Willys Universal Jeeps, and describes his research and fabrication of the control system for a King RJ.

The PTO is controlled by a lever located beside the driver's seat. Various mounting fixtures are available -- this is the higher-mounting or "A-frame" version of the Model Model J Model J is roller chain driven. Seen here with a front mount where it is driven by the crankshaft, it can also mount in the center or rear where the chain is driven by the PTO, which is reversible. Operation is controlled from the front of the Jeep, engaging and disengaging the connection to the engine with a lever just behind the winch.

This winch can only spool in, not out, and is often broken when trying to release tension to free spool the line. The primary use of crankshaft winches may have been on trencher Jeeps where they would be a wise choice for two reasons. Second: Because line speed would be much faster than the very slow trencher ground speed, the operator needs the option of shifting the winch in and out. The trencher is driven by a shaft from the PTO.

This shaft powers the digging chain, a hydraulic pump that raises and lowers the chain boom, and a hydrostatic motor which powers a shaft from the trencher back to a gear, which can be engaged to a special parking brake drum that has a ring gear attached. This powers the Jeep's wheels at 0 to 10 feet per minute, with the transfer case is in neutral. My choice of winch would actually be the RJ below because I could sit while operating the winch, rather than stand in front of the Jeep, shifting the J winch.

Model RJ The RJ is the only winch certified to lift personnel and material safely, because the drive can be switched from forward line in to reverse line outusing a control lever in the cab. The RJ is front mount only. It is roller chain driven from the engine crankshaft, and the drive can be engaged using a control lever in the cab. This example I purchased in Alabama in was missing the chain and the clutch for connecting to the driveshaft.

This RJ is seen from above, mounted in position, but also missing the clutch and chain. Thanks to Steve Bovee for the photo. This is the clutch which engages with pins on the special crankshaft pulley. The reversing clutch K JPEG is on the right side in a special housing for the winch, and controlled from the cab via a rod under the floor. Koeing supplied two pieces that bolted to the frame and moved the bumper forward about two inches.

Steve Bovee also took this photo of his RJ with the cable guard installed. The RJ is controlled by two levers mounted in a pillar on the passenger side floor, independently from any PTO options. The top lever engages or disengages the engine drive, and the bottom lever controls line in or out.

The CJ-3B previously owned by Bob Smith now belongs to Ed Meiners, who has removed the winch for repairs, and photographed the rods which connect the levers to the winch.

The front end of one rod connects to the linkage which pushes the clutch against the end of the crankshaft. The other rod extends forward to the reversing clutch. This picture shows the bottom rod moving forward and engaging the clutch against the crankshaft pulley.

Koenig King Winches and PTO 1960

I had a complete winch and drive, but no control levers or rods. Following this photo found on eWillyswhich was the only picture I had seen, I decided to fabricate the levers.

I used a steering column for the necessary shaft within a shaft. I cut the casting bottom and mounted it to the floor. Side note: The seven control levers now in this Jeep, starting at top of picture, are the Hy-Lo pump control for Newgren lift, 2 winch controls; transfer case High-Low and 4WD, PTO control at bottom, and main transmission shift.

The levers were made from old steering wheel spokes, mounted to the steering shaft. The inner shaft from the upper lever was inserted in place of the horn wire.RKI, formerly known as Rawson-Koenig, designs and manufactures premium-quality cranes that are used by the nation's premier fleets. With lift capacity ranging from 2, to 6, pounds, one of our cranes is ideally suited to your most demanding requirements.

Be sure to check out our crane bodies if you need a truck body that is perfectly designed for an RKI crane. The RKI engineering and design departments utilize the latest in computer assisted design and stress testing evaluation to supply products that are designed for the most demanding environments.

koenig hydraulic winch

Our crane assembly department is justifiably proud of each and every crane that we produce. All machined parts and weldments are meticulously inspected prior to final assembly; in fact, our quality control department literally destroys "example parts" to assure that the casting or welds meet our rigid standards. Every completed crane is inspected and fully tested prior to shipment. To ensure the highest quality, every one of our products is designed, tested, and built in our Houston, Texas facility.

If one of our standard winches or options does not meet your specific requirements, we can provide custom drums, shafts, mountings and accessories to match your exact specifications. Many industries use our winches for everyday jobs or incorporate our winches into products to serve their special applications. Utility companies use our winches to tension cable for power line installations; mines and cement plants use our winches to run conveyors; and loggers use our winches to load trees for transport.

In Texas, many of the light towers that line our major highways have an RKI winch installed in the base that is used to lower and raise the light rings for easy maintenance. Available in: Louisiana and Texas.

RKI, Inc. Commercial Grade Truck Equipment Cranes RKI, formerly known as Rawson-Koenig, designs and manufactures premium-quality cranes that are used by the nation's premier fleets. Winches To ensure the highest quality, every one of our products is designed, tested, and built in our Houston, Texas facility.

koenig hydraulic winch

High Quality Features: Aluminum bronze worm gears Hardened steel worms Tapered roller bearings on wormshaft Fabricated steel drums will not break Hundreds of standard configurations Available for any power source: mechanical, hydraulic, electric Oil-cooled plate type worm brakes Line pull up to 30, pounds Standard options include capstans, roller assemblies, drum guards, drum-shaft extensions, worm brakes, drums keyed to shaft Custom drums, shafts, and mountings available to meet your individual needs Note: Not all features apply to all winches.

Superior Pulling Power Many industries use our winches for everyday jobs or incorporate our winches into products to serve their special applications.

Koenig pto winch

Email Us. Tel: 1 Have a Question? Cranes RKI, formerly known as Rawson-Koenig, designs and manufactures premium-quality cranes that are used by the nation's premier fleets.There are still commercial uses for PTO winches, but most recreational users prefer electric or hydraulic winches. If you want a PTO winch, you'll probably have to find one used. You'll need to find the appropriate PTO adapter as well as the winch, several variations were available.

It is the maximum static load the winch can exert on the cable. This will be achieved on the first wrap of the cable on the drum. This must be taken into account when selecting a winch for your 4X4. These numbers vary widely from winch to winch.

They should be an important consideration in a winch purchase. It is best to ask an experienced winch owner to determine what is best for you. Weight is an indicator of the constuction of the winch. Too little weight means too little metal used in the construction. Too much weight could mean that your front end will sag.

Koenig Winches

A benefit of the Hydraulic winch is that it does weigh less. How do I select a winch for my truck? The most important thing to consider when selecting a winch is whether it is capable of pulling 1. GVW is the real world weight of your vehicle, i. So fill up your gas tank, load up all those off-road goodies, tools, hi-lift jacks, people and go get your vehicle weighed. What do the different winch gear systems mean and what difference will they make when I'm operating them?

There are three common gearing systems, worm gear, spur gear and planetary gear. They all do the same job, gear down the high speed motor to a low speed high torque winch drum.

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The gear reduction ratio is by how much the motor's output revolutions are reduced for the spindle. The greater the reduction, the more revolutions the motor has to turn for one spindle revolution and the less the motor has to work for that revolution. The difference in the gearing systems is mainly in their transfer efficiency. This causes the winch to be self-braking even under heavy loads, but this means the unit will need a clutch mechanism for free spooling. Worm gears offer the most reduction, very high reliability, built-in braking mechnism, and generally a slower winching speed.

This means they have a tendency to free spool when loaded, therefore a braking mechanism is needed. Planatary gears are the most common and provide both strength and smooth operation with good resistance to torque loads. I've noticed while looking through the manufacturer's catalogs that there are different types of electric motors.

What is the difference between series wound motors and permanent magnet motors? Is one better than the other? An electric motor basically has two major parts, the stator and the rotor or armature. It is the job of the stator to produce a magnetic field which will cause the rotor to rotate when an electric current flows through it.

In a permanent magnet motor, the stator uses permanent magnets. This means the current drain on the battery is lower than series wound motors which uses field coils in the stator. Permanent magnet motors are good for light and medium duty winches, but winching time and load has to be carefully monitored as they tend to overheat. Series wound motors are used in heavier duty winches, but tend to cost more. Will my electrical system cope with the extra load of an electrical winch?Log in or Sign up.

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Sep 24, Joined: Sep 29, Messages: The upper part of the worm drive housing is aluminum, the lower half and A frame on the other end is cast iron. I suspect t may still not be heavy enough for my purposes, so I may be selling it. I sent an email to Herm as well. DavidWymoreSep 24, Joined: Aug 3, Messages: 6, I think most were rated about on Jeep apllications. But those PTO units were very powerful winches, probably could pull a lot more than that. PeteLSep 24, I thought I saw they were rated for 8.

For what I'm doing Big Dodge I'd want twice that. Joined: Aug 7, Messages: 4, I accidently drove off with my Koenig winch still engaged. Don't know what that rating is, but it's a lot more than 8k lbs. PosimotoSep 24, Yeh, I was almost thinking maybe it was 4-ton, not 4 thousand pound But my M winch was rated and was a heck of lot bigger. But those are "real" pounds, not the magical ones newer electric winches are 'rated' for.

Last edited: Sep 24, Joined: Jun 2, Messages: 2, I checked both of my Koenigs, I have a low mount and a high mount, the housings on both are Al.Drum Winches. Hydraulic Winches.

Series PTO. Defender PTO. Fairey Capstan Winch - Complete Setup. The drive line parts are remanufactured parts. The winch does not come in its Aeroparts Capstan Winch complete setup for Series 1. A complete front recovery capstan winch. Superwinch Capstan Winch - Complete Setup. Complete setup. Will include the drive line parts not shown on the photos. The winch is sold as used Ex Coastguard with tall bollard. The winch housing was welded not visible fro The bollards cap shown on the first 3 photos was replaced by the later type s Aeroparts Capstan Winch - Complete Setup.

Aeroparts Capstan Winch directly from customer. Very nice and original winch. Landrover Defender Capstan Winch - Used. This winch can be used on Series Landrovers as well. Needs some other parts for it.Welcome to Classic Cars and Tools! Website is new and will be frequently updated.

Please bookmark and check every week for new blog posts and other updates. The winches of those days and prior where an incredible invention.

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The front PTO uses a redirection of power via a chain to run a driveshaft to run the front winch. We have the model 51, a one lever when pulled back would engage a gear into the transmission, thus turning the long funny driveshaft, thus turning the winch, thus pulling you out of the mud, or someone else out of the mud! This driveshaft which goes from the PTO to the winch is a perfect fit, no slip joint.

To my amazement, these u-joints have no needle bearings, more like bushing. I tried using my 12 ton press to remove them, but wound up using my 4. The pretty diagonal looking thing is the housing for the two gears, chain which drive the front driveshaft, therefore driving the winch. The 5 plugs are access to the Allen bolts which holds it on. The black round drum thing is the parking brake assembly. All the bearings were shot, the seal was shot of course.

Was it a pain to install? I did eventually get this all back together!! But noooooo, grease fittings, out of sight out of mind? Here I was figuring how to re-make a plate for this behemoth winch!

I was actually getting a little worried that it may not come apart! This winch only pulls, It does not allow to release in a controlled way. I sure hope you guys got something out of this. I have a new appreciation for the early jeeps, Willys, etc. They are magnificent machines and capable of plowing a field! Please enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.